In 1810, Elder John Thomas of Mechanicsburg, Ohio came to this new 
community known as Canaan Township, to organize seven of the settlers into the Big Darby Baptist Church.     

The first regular meeting place for the church was an old log school house with paper windows. The next was a small frame building erected on the same lot where the present building stands. This was used several years until the congregation grew too large for the house to accommodate all the people. In the summertime, when the weather was pleasant, it was quite common to hold meetings in the grove near the meeting house. The minister would address the people from a wagon.                        
Even though the Civil War was in progress, efforts were begun and in 1861, the current frame building was erected. On February 1, 1862 the first sermon was preached and the house was dedicated.
The most remarkable meeting ever held at Big Darby occurred in 1869 thatcontinued for 17 days and resulted in 70 members being added to the church!  
The first addition was added in the early 1900’s. For the Centennial Celebration, in 1910, church records show that 300 people were served each day in a tent out under the trees. 
Larger accommodations were needed when, in 1946, attendance climbed dramatically , and other smaller additions and renovations were made.                         
In September 1960, ground was broken for the new brick addition to the building. This was a great time of celebration at the 150th anniversary of the founding of the church. The new building gave much improved Sunday School facilities, a comfortable area to enjoy fellowship and meals together and provided a meeting place for the youth.                       
Now, we look to the future and the 200th anniversary of the founding of Big Darby Baptist Church in 2010.   
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“There is no doubt that the love and support that I have received from Big Darby since a little boy has influenced me dramatically and is in large part responsible for me being a pastor today.”   
“Big Darby Baptist Church received her name from the creek it borders- Big Darby creek or “crick” as my mother used to say. As a boy growing up on a farm it was always understood that Sunday meant going to church, there was never any question. Having spent so many Sundays at Big Darby, there are many memories I hold near and dear to my heart.”   
“While I have many memories of the inanimate objects, all of which have nostalgic, Rockwellian flavor, we all realize that the church is not a place, nor a building. Rather, the church is comprised of the children of God. Consequently, it’s the people of the church that had an impact on my life. My Sunday School teachers, pastors, youth counselors, the deacons, the ushers, musicians and so many others, that I can’t name them all. These people invested in my life by the songs they sang, the lessons they taught, the potato salad they brought to picnics, the messages they preached, the encouragement they provided, the basketball games they played, the doors they opened, the floors they polished, the community they built, the church they made. I don’t remember a lot of the words that were said, but I will always remember the people and the way God has often used them as an instrument of His immeasurable grace.”    
“There are a lot of important loving people at Big Darby, and I’m proud to have them be part of my heritage and they are still faithfully attending.”   
“Thank you Big Darby Baptist Church for all you have given to me and to our community. Continue to be faithful to Him and He will bless you.”   
As a teenager, I considered myself extremely lucky to have others to turn to when I felt peer pressure or experienced personal problems. I always felt that Big Darby was my home away from home. Everyone was so close and when you shared a conversation with someone, you felt they really cared about you.”   
“The most cherished memory at Big Darby was the Easter I was baptized. I really felt saved and loved. I know the wonderful congregation at Big Darby has played a major part in my life and gave me the foundation of faith that has brought me closer to God.”

“That first day I attended was the beginning of a great Christian life for me. I credit the kind and thoughtful family of Big Darby for making me the person I am today.”      

“Big Darby has commissioned and sent so many into ministry, both lay and clergy, that the world will not be the same because of their involvement in a little corner of Madison County, Ohio. As they have enriched the specific lives of so many, this passion for Jesus has spilled over to touch the lives of so many more in many other places.”